Hi there! I am that crazy girl who is running across America this summer from the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the southern coast of California, for Soles4Souls and charity:water. Soles4Souls is a nonprofit that facilitates the donations of shoes to aid the hurting worldwide. Charity:water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. This challenge to raise $40,000 that I have named DARE2MOVE is my personal call to action to use my running ability as a way to raise funds and awareness for these two worthwhile charities. Not only do I believe in the mission of both Soles4Souls and charity:water, but I find it very fitting to be their voice in motion as it would be impossible for me to accomplish this race without clean water and proper footwear. I have set a goal of raising funds sufficient to provide 10,000 people with shoes and 1,500 people with water. This challenge will become an achieved reality with your support as I run 30+ miles a day, totaling 3,000 miles for approximately three months. My focus is to bring glory to these two charities while pushing myself to my limits of possible. As I set foot on the coast of California on the expected date of September 5, I will be the youngest female at the age of 24 to ever run across our country in the shortest amount of time. As a past employee of the Walt Disney Company and lifelong Disney fanatic, this run is also based around the idea of running from Disney park to park. Throughout this challenge I will be carrying only necessities in my backpack with replenishing sponsored supplies being shipped to my checkpoints along the route. This is a journey inside a journey for me, if you will, an evolution of myself to learn, to grow, to rely on trust and faith, to reinvent myself as someone who needs very little to be happy. This is a challenge that I see with a childlike curiousity and nomadic spirit. I am running for the adventure, the challenge, the presence of positvity this will spark. I am running not only for Soles4Souls and charity:water, but for my friends and family, for all those who wish they could run with me, for all those who have shown me unprecedented support…Being the passionate traveler, adventurer, and philanthropist that I am, I have been blessed with experiencing many different cultures throughout my life, all of which have greatly influenced and molded me into the person that I am. I have first-handedly volunteered in some of our world’s greatest devastation, desperation and staggering poverty that has put a tattoo of love on my heart and a burning desire to be His hands and feet….Down the road, I have dreams of evolving DARE2MOVE into my own nonprofit and continue this running journey into many more transcontinental races….I hope to be a running metaphor this summer to encourage people to lose sight of daily normalities, keep goals in perspective, to live free from their realities, to connect with their communities, constantly work on personal development and to HELP OTHERS. As I race across America, I am asking you to get involved with me to help impact it for the better!